By | July 31, 2017

Community Proposal

This proposal is to use of the building located at 8450 Mira Mesa Boulevard as a civic, cultural, educational, recreational, and social center for the Community of Mira Mesa while maximizing the economic viability of the property for the City of San Diego.

The proposal was generated by the members of the Mira Mesa community under the leadership of the Mira Mesa Community Foundation (a 501(c) (3)) in conjunction with the Mira Mesa Town Council, the Mira Mesa High School, the Mira Mesa Theater Guild, the Miramar Community College, and the many volunteers and business leaders within the Community of Mira Mesa. Input and community comments have been generated through individual interviews, community workshops, and discussion at many Mira Mesa civic and community meetings.

The building is geographically located in the heart of the Mira Mesa civic and community life. It is directly across the street from the Mira Mesa High School, next to the Mira Mesa Community Park, and the Vern Goodwin Senior Center. It was conceived of and built as the ‘first’ Epicentre, official known as the San Diego Regional Teen Center that operated successfully from 1999 to 2015. Because of the buildings centralized location, the Mira Mesa community believes that this site would be ideal for a much needed Mira Mesa civic and community center.

Building Usage

We envision the following specific usages for the building as well as others that may develop in the future:

  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Requirements

Provide services for the financially low and moderate-income youth within our community. The Epicentre’s activity will meet or exceed the 51 percent HUD requirement.

  • Civic Center

Provide meeting space for community civic groups such as the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group, the Mira Mesa Town Council, the Mira Mesa Recreation Council, and local homeowners associations.

The Epicentre will also provide space for an information center and meetings space for elected city and county officials.

  • Mira Mesa Theater Guild

Provide a home for the Mira Mesa Theater Guild’s productions and its courses, in collaboration with the Balboa Park Junior Theater, about directing and producing plays.

  • Educational Courses

Provide life skills courses for youth and adult courses for community members in partnership and conjunction with the Mira Mesa High School, Miramar Community College, and local businesses.

  • Venue for Community And Resident Events

Provide a rentable venue for events such as weddings and graduation celebrations.

Capital Improvement Funding By The Mira Mesa Community

The Community of Mira Mesa will provide nearly a million dollars ($911,938 as of June 30, 2016) for the capital improvement of building and property. The source of this funds is from the Mira Mesa Community Fund, which was established specifically for the purpose of providing funds for the construction and public improvements within the Mira Mesa community. These funds have been approved for the Epicenter’s capital improvement and are immediately available,

Ongoing revenue generating events and activities at the Epicenter will ensure a sustainable revenue source for the City of San Diego.

We are excited about the use of this building as a much needed and highly anticipated Mira Mesa civic and community center.

Mira Mesa Volunteer painting the Epicentre in 2007

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